Other Rites of the Catholic Church

. "The Church of Jesus Christ is neither Latin nor Greek nor Slav but Catholic; accordingly she makes no difference between her children, and Greek, Latins, Slavs, and members of all other nations are equal in the eyes of the Apostolic See." - Pope Benedict XV (The Catholic Eastern Churches, by Donald Attwater).

 A page dedicated to the other rites of the Church of the Catholic Church


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The Ukrainian Rite

The Syrian Rite

The Russian Rite

The Russian Byzantine Catholic Church

The Ruthenain rite

The 21 Eastern Catholic Churches and their Rites


The Church recognizes nine different rites of worship (while their are about 21 different Eastern Rite Churches in union with the Holy See). The Latin Rite, (being the main rite of the Roman Church) and its variants such as the Dominican, Carthusian, Carmelite, and Franciscan rites; The Byzantine rite, Armenian Rite, Chaldean, Coptic, Ethiopic, Malabar, Maronite and Syrian rites.

The Ambrosian and Mozarabic rites are also considered variants of the Latin rite; celebrated only locally (Milan, and Toledo respectively).

The following languages are used in the various rites are: 1. Latin in the Roman, Ambrosian, and Mozarabic Rites

2. Greek in the Byzantine Rite (not exclusively)

3. Syriac in the Syrian, Maronite, Chaldean, and Malabar Rites.

4. Coptic in the Coptic Rite.

5. Armenian by all the Churches of that rite.

6. Arabic by the Melchites (Byzantine Rite).

7. Slavonic by Slavs of the Byzantine Rite and (in Glagolitic letters)

8. Georgian (Byzantine Rite).

9. Rumanian (Byzantine Rite).

"History, tradition and numerous ecclesiastical institutions manifest luminously how much the Universal Church is indebted to the Eastern Churches. The Sacred Synod, therefore, not only honors this ecclesiastical and spiritual heritage with merited esteem and rightful praise, but also, unhesitatingly, looks upon it as the heritage of Christ's Universal Church" (Art.5 on the Oriental Catholic Churches, VII)



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