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"In this decisive hour of history, in which the kingdom of evil with infernal strategy uses every means and looses all its forces to destroy faith and morals and the Kingdom of God, the children of light and the children of God must use every means and pledge themselves wholly to defend these, if they wish to avoid more disastrous and vastly greater ruin than the material ruin heaped up by war. In this struggle no one can be neutral or hesitant. We need an enlightened, a convinced and fearless Catholicism, one that takes its inspiration from faith and is obedient to the commandments, a Catholicism of mind and action both in public and private." - Pope Pius XII, May 13, 1946 (cf. Papal Teachings on Our Lady, p. 270)

The Angelus - May the Angelus always be with you!

The Remnant   - "At the present time there is a remnant left selected out of grace." - Rom 11:5

The Fatima Crusader

Catholic Family News

The DICI International



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