Protestantism  in General

Protestant Sects


" Anyone who . . . does not abide in the doctrine of Christ, has not God." (2 Jn 1:9)

Protestantism in General:

What is Protestantism ?

How the Passion of the Christ helped me to become Catholic - By a former evangelical Protestant (and well known writer and broadcaster).

Some Tough Questions for Protestants

The True Church is Visible

The True Church is Catholic

Protestantism and breaking with the Past at the reformation

A Catholic Response to Protestant Objections concerning The Catholic Church

The Rapture Theory

Who is the 'Whore of Babylon'

The Catholic Church has the Answer

The Protestant misconception on 'reading the bible'

False Religious Denominations throughout History

The Authority of the Catholic Church

How the Protestant "Reformers" violated the integrity of Scripture

Is your Church a biblical Church?

Regarding the false idea "Just read the bible"

How Old Is Your Church

By What Authority

Infallibility or Christianity - Both or Neither

Is There Unity in The Major Protestant Sects ?

The Catholic Religion Proved by Sacred Scripture

St. Peter - The Rock  - 10 Answers on St. Peter the Rock, upon which Christ built His Church

21 Reasons to Reject Sola Scriptura

Understanding The Crusades

Infallibility of the Pope

Where we got the Bible and our debt to the Catholic Church

Faith and Private Judgment

What Faith really means

What are we to think of Calvin?

Who Was Martin Luther?

The Personality of Martin Luther

Luther; Exposing the Myth

What was Luther really like ?

Luther; Hitler's Spiritual Ancestor

Luther's Lack of Credibility

Luther’s Boundless Pride & Tyranny

Luther's instabilities and contradictions

Luther's own Statements -  By Henry O'connor S.J.

Martin Luther and the Bible - By Mons. Patrick F. O' Hare, LL.D

How Luther really died

50 Reasons why Martin Luther was excommunicated


The Facts about Luther - by Msgr. Patrick F. O’Hare

Luther and the Protestant Support of the Nazi government

The Inquisition

The Holy Inquisition: Myth or Reality

The "Holy" or "Bloody" Spanish Inquisition

The Protestant Inquisition "Reformation"

Father Dudley, An Anglican Converts

When Was The Catholic Church founded?

The Catholic Church and what She Teaches

The Apostolicity of the Church of Rome

The One True Church - By Father Damen

The Protestant Heresy - By Hilaire Belloc

The Great Protestant Revolt Against Christ - By Father Michael Muller, C.S.S.R

The Church and Her Enemies - By Father Michael Muller, C.S.S.R

The History of heresies & their refutation - By St. Alphonsus M. Liguori

How to Help others become Catholic

A Doctrinal Catechism for protestants

A Doctrinal Catechism for Catholics

Why are their different version of the bible?

No Greater Evil than Heresy!

Holiness and the Hatred of Heresy

Catholic Doctrine on the Last Things (Death, Hell, Purgatory, Last Judgment, Heaven, etc).

Athanasian Creed

Radio Replies  (Great Catholic answers as given by Fr. Leslie Rumble and Fr. Charles M. Carty)



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