Bringing the faith to life .

"A Picture Speaks a thousand words"!

"In a picture even the unlearned may see what example they should follow; in a picture they who know no letters may yet read."

- St. Gregory the Great;  Ep. ix,105, in P. L., LXXVII, 1027.

"The composition of the image is not the invention of the painters, but the result of the legislation and approved tradition of the Church" -  Synod Nicaea II, Actio VI, 331, 832.

The S 'We declare that we preserve intact all the written and unwritten traditions of the Church which have been entrusted to us. One of these traditions consists in the production of representational artwork, which accords with the history of the preaching of the Gospel. For it confirms that the incarnation of the Word of God was real and not imaginary, and to our benefit as well, for realities that illustrate each other undoubtedly reflect each other's meaning.' -  Council of Nicea (787 A.D.)

"Whoever venerates an image venerates the person portrayed in it" - St. Basil, De Spiritu Sancto 18,45. 

"The beauty of the images moves me to contemplation, as a meadow delights the eyes and subtly infuses the soul with the glory of God" - St. John Damascene, De imag 1,27.


    Gallery 1 -The life, Death and Resurrection of Our Lord

    Gallery 2 - The Mysteries of the Rosary

Gallery 3 - The Incorrupt Bodies of the Saints

Gallery 4 - Stations of the Cross

A Catholic Irish Blessing

A Prayer of Hope

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