“God does not want our lies. The historian will be all the better able to manifest the Church’s divine origin, so far transcending all that is purely terrestrial and natural, in proportion as he is faithful to keep back nothing of the trials which she has had to experience in the course of the ages through the frailty of her children, and sometimes even of her ministers. Studied in this fashion, the history of the Church in itself affords a splendid and conclusive proof of the truth and divinity of Christianity.”  - Pope Leo XIII, encyclical to bishops and clergy of France, 1899.


The Christian Sense of History - Dom Prosper Gueranger

A History of the Church to the Eve of the Reformation - by Philip Hughes

Ecclesiastical History

History of the Church - Eusebius of Caesarea

The History of heresies & their refutation - By St. Alphonsus M. Liguori

When Was The Catholic Church founded?

20th Century Mexico's Catholic Uprising

Hernan Cortez and the Catholic Conquest of Mexico

St. Ferdinand of Castile

Prince Scanderbeg and the reclaiming of Catholic Albania

Resurrection Miracles performed by St. Patrick

The Persecution of Catholics in France by the Protestant Calvinists

The Puritan Massacres of Catholics

The Persecution of Catholics by Anabaptist

Persecution of the Catholic Church in America

Conspiracy in History: - Examples from the Old Testament

The Reformation

A History of the Roman Emperors

Pageant of the Popes - A History of the Popes

Bede's Ecclesiastical History of England

Three Catholic Reforms of the 15th Century




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