The Church and Sacred Scripture

St. Augustine In no other way have heresies arisen, and perverse doctrines that ensnare souls and cast them into the abyss, than because the Scriptures, which are good in themselves, are ill understood, and what is thus ill understood is rashly and boldly asserted. In Joan. Tract, xviii. tome, iii, col. 430

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"We are compelled to concede to the Papists that they have the Word of GOD, that we received it from them, and that without them, we should have no knowledge of it at all." - Martin Luther, commentary on St. John.

The Church and the Bible

Scripture Alone disproves the bible alone theory !

Scripture and Tradition

The Unwritten word of God

The Interpretation of Sacred Scripture

Questions and Answers on the Church and the Bible

Catholic Religion Proved by Sacred Scripture

Is your Church a biblical Church?

21 Reasons to Reject Sola Scriptura

Oral Tradition in the New Testament

Existence of Sacred Tradition

Where we got the Bible and our debt to the Catholic Church

Protestant Errors on Scripture Alone

The Charge of Burning Bibles

How the Protestant "Reformers" violated the integrity of Scripture

The Catholic Teaching on the reading of Scripture

The Catholic Churches Effort To Provide The Scriptures in The Common Tongue

The Sources of Revelation: The Church and Sacred Tradition

The Use of Sacred Scripture

The Canon of Sacred Scripture







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