The Victorian National Civic Council had the following article in one of their recent publications:


Exposing the Greens: the party for unsustainable indulgence


The Greens are likely to hold the balance of power in the Senate after the Federal election, promising a radical social agenda for Australia. In recent times the Tasmanian Greens have twice pushed for legalisation of assisted suicide; NSW Greens have a letter of intent to do Victorian style decriminalisation of abortion; Federal Senator, Sarah Hansen Young, moved last year for recognition of gay marriage.

A quick look at the Greens policies exposes their extreme-left political, social and economic agenda.  A list of the most revealing will show what they really stand for.  The numbering below refers to the policy numbers on the Green’s website.



The Greens believe in Global Governance  - see policy on Human Rights and Democracy, Global Governance, Policy nos. 1, 3 and 14 (iv).  These Greens policies would mean the centralisation of power in unrepresentative international bodies that are not accountable to our nation.

The Greens believe that Peace and Security will be achieved by:

·           the deployment of the Australian Defence Force only for defence and peace-keeping, not for offensive action (policy no. 5).

·           no nuclear armed or powered forces being deployed within Australia’s maritime boundaries (policy no. 10).

·           ending the ANZUS Treaty unless Australia’s membership can be revised in a manner consistent with Australia’s international and human rights obligations (policy no. 33).




Under Climate Change and Energy the Greens want:


·           no new coal-fired power stations, new coal mines or expansion of existing mines (policy no. 38).

·           a ban on public funding to refurbish any existing coal-fired power stations (policy no. 39).

The Green Water policy includes:

·           no new, large-scale dams on Australian rivers.

·           sufficient water for environmental flows (policy nos. 4, 9, 15, 19 and 23).

·           “....supporting sustainable food production and rural enterprises...” (policy no. 22).

·           “...implement(ing) water saving efficiency measures for irrigated agriculture and ensur(ing) pricing reflects the true cost of water use” (policy no. 24).

The bottom line is farmers will be made to pay dearly for the water they need to produce our food supply because water will be rationed and the price therefore higher.  Supply will only be what is “sustainable” ie limited to what can be spared from the environment’s first-preference share.



The Green’s Population policy is part of its environment policy – people being simply part, and not necessarily the most important part, of the environment.  They want to:


·           “...increase our contributions to programs that empower women and increase their access to a wide range of safe family planning options...” for the underlined read “abortion” (policy no. 14).

·           ensure Australian family planning programs (domestic and overseas) are adequately funded to deliver services in the context of reproductive health services which increase the power of women and girls to determine their own reproductive lives...” again read “abortion”.  It is central to their population policy (policy no. 15).




The Green Health policy includes:


·           “, safe and legal pregnancy termination services, including unbiased counselling.” (policy no. 25).


Under Childcare the Greens promise   “ funding of childcare facilities to replace the Child Care Benefit...” (policy no. 13(vii).  This is promoting institutional childcare.


Under Children and Young People the Greens support:


·           increasing the Youth Allowance to the level of a living wage.  This gives young people the means to leave when they may not be mature enough (policy no. 17).

There is not one mention of the family in the policy on Children and Young People!

The Green’s Drugs policy supports:

·           providing fee information on substance abuse, especially for young people (policy no 6).

·           Increasing the availability of “harm reduction” programs including needle exchanges and supervised injecting rooms and trial of providing prescribed heroin to registered users (policy no. 13).

The Green's Education policy:

·         promises to “...extend anti-discrimination measures that apply in public schools to private schools.”  This is an attack on private (read religious) schools as has been legislated recently under the Labour government in Victoria (policy no. 39).

·         rejects education funding vouchers. So much for the rights of parents to choose the education they want for their children (policy no. 51).

The Green’s policy on Sexuality and Gender Equality advocates:

·           de facto relationships to have equal status in law regardless of sex and gender identity (policy no. 8).

·           access to adoption, fostering, artificial insemination and IVF regardless of sexuality or gender identity (policy no. 9).

·           The education system provide age appropriate information about the diversity of sexuality (policy no. 10).

The Green’s Women’s policy provides for:

·         women to have access to safe and confidential health and well-being services, including reproductive health services (read abortion). (policy no. 11)

·         ending criminalisation of consensual adult sex work ie legalising prostitution (policy no. 18).

The Greens were involved in introducing the following euthanasia legislation Bills:

·         Federal: 2009 Bill introduced into the Senate by Green’s senator, Bob Brown.

·         S.A: November 2009 introduced by Green’s M.P.  Mark Parnell.

·         Vic: September 2008 – co-sponsored by Green and Liberal MPs.

·         Tasmania: 4 November 2009 – put forward by Green’s leader in Tasmania, Nick McKim.  All Greens voted for it.


Green voters are predominantly inner-metro, thirty some-things, no children, holding sufficient stock market investments, opposed to Rudd’s mining tax as it pushed down the value of their shares and don’t like the Coalition for voting down the emissions trading legislation.  Hence, focus letters to the editor, stunting the mining industry, forcing up energy and fuel costs.


1.      Write to Daily Newspapers and local press pointing out what the Green’s policies really are.

2.      Point out they are anti-child, anti-family, biased against religion and want to slow down population growth and economic growth.

3.      Go the Green’s website and read their policies –

4.      Speak to others about the Green’s real agenda. Work on the 10 x 10 principle: you speak to 10 people and each of them speaks to 10 more people, and so the word spreads.