Tough Questions for Pro-abortion/Death People

These Questions Make Pro-Abortions People Nervous


1. Why is it that the very people who say the governments should stay out of abortion are the same ones who want the government to pay for them?

2. Abortion advocates say they are in the business to help women. Other than offering to kill their children for them, what are they doing?

3. Pro-abortionists say that the unborn child is part of the mother's body. If that is so, why does the child possess a completely different genetic code and often a different blood type? How do you explain the fact that it has its own immune system? Why is it male half the time?

4. Pro-abortionists say that outlawing abortion would restrict a woman's right to privacy. But is that right absolute? Does somebody's right to privacy exceed another's right to live?

5. If what they say is true and the issue isn't really abortion but a woman's right to control her own body, why doesn't your agenda include drugs and prostitution? Aren't laws against those most restrictive to a woman's right to choose what she will and will not do with her own body as laws against abortion are?

6. We are now seeing the unborn being treated for disease, given blood transfusions and even operated on. When a doctor does one of these procedures, who is the patient?

7. Why is it that abortion advocates say they want women to have all their options, but they fight so hard against laws requiring totally informed consent?

8. If pro-abortionists are mainly concerned with the health and safety of women, why do they fight so hard against legislation requiring abortion providers to meet the same medical standard as legitimate outpatient surgery clinics?

9. Let's look at a hypothetical situation. Two women become pregnant on the same day. Six months later woman A has a premature baby who is in need of some medical help, and the clinic workers are all trying hard to give the baby the medical attention necessary. Why would it be morally wrong to refuse such treatment to the premature born baby, but a "legal right" to kill the baby in woman B if she should choose to have an abortion? How can location (inside vs. outside the womb) make an essential difference? Besides, in partial-birth abortions, the baby is halfways outside the womb (oftentimes crying already).

10. If it is true that "men cannot talk about abortion" because it's a "women's issue," how come pro-abortionists have no problem accepting the ruling Roe v. Wade, which was exclusively made by men?