More than Just a New Mass

The liturgy was only one of many things alters under the guise of Change by the Second Vatican Council, however that is not the only thing that was Changed. There are quite a few areas that have been de-emphasised by the post-conciliar Church. Many people do not realize this as the language used since the Council is quite ambiguous and vague so that they can be interpreted in both an orthodox or modernistic manner. Some of the innovations include:

* The Church of Christ subsists in (not is) the Catholic Church (Lumen Gentium, Art. 8), which has separated brethren in separated "Churches"(Unitatis Redintegratio, Art. 3), which ought to be as sisters (Unitatis Redintegratio, Art. 14).

The above implicitly denies that the Catholic Church is One-- it implies that the Church is only part of -all- "Christian Churches" -- a notion completely in contradiction to what has always been taught, especially since the teaching of "No Salvation outside the Church" is a dogma of faith (Vatican I Dz 1793).

* The new notion of 'Ecumenism' which no longer aims at the unbelievers' conversion to the Catholic Faith, but exists only for the purpose of dialogue. This is particularly clear in the documents of Vatican II which state that Catholics and Moslems worship the same God (Lumen Gentium, 16.Vatican Council II).

* The emphasis on the Holy Eucharist as a Sacrifice has also been diminished. Now, the emphasis is on "the word of God" and "the Community". (Par.7 Intro. to the New Missal, defining the New Mass, 4/6/69).

* The documents of Vatican II no longer define marriage by its primary end, which is pro-creation (can. 10551 1983).

* An emphasis on the 'dignity of man' with the de-emphasisation that any dignity man might have comes from his relation to God.

* An emphasis on the mercy of God, with the de-emphasisation of His justice.

*An emphasis on the rights of Man, with the de-emphasisation of the rights of God. Pope Paul VI, in his speech during the Second Vatican Council admits this humanism saying: "Secular, profane, humanism has finally revealed itself in its terrible shape and has, in a certain sense, challenged the Council. The religion of God made man has come up against a religion of man who makes himself God."

Romano Amerio, well-known Italian theologian writes that:

" The specific character of Christianity is being lost, and Catholicism is being dissolved into a combined universal religion, of which all particular religions are regarded as valid expressions .

The new emphasis at Vatican II are a highlighting of parts of Catholic doctrine, with a corresponding obscuring of other complementary parts. This forgetfulness veils the doctrine of predestination with the truth of a universal offer of grace; it veils Hell with the truth of divine mercy; the Real Presence with the truth of Christ's spiritual presence in the congregation... " (Iota Unum)

Why do people not see? Dr. Amerio explains it in the last paragraph above. As Pope St. Pius X. said of the Modernists: