The Church Fathers & Councils Speak :

Hand Communion?

St. Sixtus I (circa 115)

`` The Sacred Vessels are not to be handled by others than those consecrated to the Lord . "

St Basil (330 -379 AD)

"The right to receive Holy Communion in the Hand is permitted only in time of Persecution." He considered Communion in the hand so irregular that he did not hesitate to Consider it a grave fault.

The Council held at Saragozza (380 AD )

It was decided to punish with EXCOMMUNICATION anyone who dared to continue the Practice of Holy Communion in the hand, . The Synod of Toledo Confirmed the Decree.

Pope St. Leo I

The Practice of administering Holy communion on the tongue of the Faithful was energetically defended and faithfully obeyed.

The 6th Ecumenical Council, III of Constantinopolis

It forbade the faithful to take the Sacred host in their hand, Threatening the Transgressors with EXCOMMUNICATION.

St Sixtus I

He Prohibited the Faithful to even touch the Sacred Vessels: "Statutum est ut sacra vasa non ab aliis quam a sacratis Dominoque dicatis Contrectentur Hominbus..."

Pope St. Eutychian (275- 283 AD)

He forbade the faithful to take the Sacred Host in their hand.

The Synod of Rouen (650 AD)

"Do not put the Eucharist in the hands of any layman but only in their mouths." Thus again Commonion in the hand was condemned as an abuse.

St Tomas Aquanis (1225-1274)

"The body of Christ Must not be touched by anyone, other than a Consecrated Priest. No other person has the right ot touch it, except in case of extreme necessity."

The Council of Trent (1545-1565 AD)

"The Fact that only the Priest gives Holy Communion with his consecrated hands is an apostolic tradition."

Pope Paul VI (In the Letter Memoriale Domini)

" . . This Method (on the Tongue) must be retained . . ."

Let us note the words of John the Baptist in his speaking of Christ, as he has said that of Christ  " He is the one who comes after me , the thongs of whose sandals I am not worth to untie."

Pope John-Paul II

To touch the sacred species and to distribute them with their own hands is a privilege of the ordained” (Dominicae Cenae, 11).

John 1:27
If St. John the Baptist said that of himself how much more are were indeed unworthy to touch the Sacred Host, this is why St. Thomas has rightly said, "it is only a privilege of the ordained".