The United Nations: Chief Instrument of Russia's Errors
by Cornelia R. Ferreira

The following is a slightly expanded version of an address given at the Fatima Conference in Rome in October 2001.

The purpose of my talk today is to show you where the United Nations fits into the history of Christianity, and why it can be considered the chief instrument in the spread of Russia's errors.

Let's begin with the background to the founding of the UN. The ultimate goal of Illuminist Freemasonry has always been total world domination, a fact attested to by countless Catholic and non-Catholic observers. Pope Leo XIII's 1884 encyclical, Humanum Genus, details Masonry's plans for a naturalistic world order under its control. Benjamin Disraeli, Cardinal Newman and Cardinal Manning, also in the 19th Century testified to the power of secret societies behind not merely thrones, but also behind Communism. These were the same forces that brought about the French Revolution of 1789. All these secret forces and Communism itself were being directed by Freemasonry, as noted in Pope Leo's encyclical. By 1902, according to Pope Leo, Masonry had "found its way into every class of society, form[ing] an invisible and irresponsible power, an independent government, as it were, within the body corporate of the lawful state." [1]

In 1919, Winston Churchill told the House of Commons that Lenin was sent into Russia to destroy it like a "culture of typhoid or cholera poured into the water supply." With the help of "the most formidable sect in the world" he worked with "demoniacal ability to tear to pieces every institution on which the Russian State depended," and Russia was destroyed. [2] The word "demoniacal" was very apt, because Lenin and other Communist leaders were Satanists. [3]

World Wars for Peace

Anthony Sutton, in his book, America's Secret Establishment, details how the Bolshevik Revolution, the building of the Soviet empire, as well as Hitler and the Nazis were all financed by bankers in Europe and the United States. These men were connected to, or members of, a secret society known as The Order, or The Order of Skull & Bones, which has Illuminati connections.

Major families associated with the Order are the Rothschilds, Guggenheims, Rockefellers, Harrimans, Whitneys, Tafts, Pillsburys, Weyerhausers, and others. Former President George Bush is a member, as was his father Prescott, and George W. is also a member. Through The Order, Illuminist thinking has penetrated every segment of American society, including religion.

The Order gave birth to the League of Nations after World War I; the League of Nations ultimately became the United Nations after World War II. [4]

Did the two world wars just happen? No. Their planning goes back to the late 18th to early 19th Centuries, to Johann Fichte, a Mason with Illuminati connections, who influenced Hegel, who in his turn influenced both Marx and Hitler. Fichte called for a league of nations as the necessary step preceding world government; "but it would come to fruition after enough wars had been deliberately manipulated to cause humanity to want peace at any price." [5]

Following Fichte's idea, the Grand Philosopher of Scottish Rite Masonry, Albert Pike, together with Italian Illuminati leader Mazzini, planned three world wars to be deliberately perpetrated by the Illuminati in order to facilitate world government under the guise of promoting peace. World War I would "advance Communism and destroy the czarist Russian regime;" that did indeed happen. World War II was "to involve Great Britain and Germany," with the ultimate aim "a clash between Fascism and Communism," which also did happen. The third world war is meant to "pit Judaism against the Muslim world." The acceptable solution [they hoped] to the global chaos thus engendered would be world government. [6]

Interestingly, Britain issued a three-penny "Victory" postage stamp in 1946 that featured Masonic symbols, thus proclaiming the war a victory for Freemasonry. Note that George Bush, Sr., said the 1991 Gulf War would bring about the New World Order; well, it moved the world in that direction. Now ten years later, his son seems poised to finish the job as Muslim nations are being moved towards World War III. On September 29, Prime Minister Chretien of Canada remarked in New York, "There will probably be a new order in the world that will probably be better than we have now." [7] Note also that the unprecedented presence of British Prime Minister Tony Blair at President Bush's address to Congress, declaring war on the Taliban, was sending a signal. Cecil Rhodes, who set up the Rhodes Scholarship, wanted Britain and the United States to run the world government. He formed a secret society linked to international bankers to accomplish this by absorbing the world's wealth. This society became the "godfather" of the Council on Foreign Relations, which was started and funded by men connected to The Order, and which in its turn begat the United Nations, [8] as we shall see.

Let us fast-forward to Edward Mandell House, an Illuminati agent working for the one-world interests of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and the international banking community. He became President Woodrow Wilson's closest advisor. In 1913, he persuaded Wilson to install two planks of the Communist Manifesto, viz., central banking, through creation of the Federal Reserve, and income tax. Next, he used Wilson to initiate the first step in world government. The U.S. was dragged into World War I through a secret agreement of House, and the provocation was the deliberate betrayal of the British ocean liner Lusitania, with Americans on board, to German V-boat destruction. At the end of the war, House got Wilson to propose Fichte's idea: a League of Nations for world peace. The League was partly funded by the Rockefellers and it was a first step towards establishing the infrastructure of the world government. As well as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, House and Wilson were also associated with The Order. [9]

The Church's "Right Arm"

Now, as explained by Father Brian Harrison in Christian Order, [10] something very important and tragic for Christendom happened on the day on which the Armistice was signed, November 11, 1918. Charles I, of Austria-Hungary, the last Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, was forced to step down. He said the people had taken over the government, and there was going to be a German-Austrian alliance, which he hoped would "create and strengthen the new order." [Emphasis added.]

It was on this day that the Holy Roman Empire finally came to an official end, and with it the end of Christendom. This act of abdication [though at the time seen as only a temporary withdrawal from power] that was forced on the emperor finally removed the secular "right arm" of the Church, as the Empire was termed even in Church prayers. In its place was substituted the humanistic New World Order, first through the League of Nations, and later through the United Nations.

Now, according to the history books, the Holy Roman Empire was destroyed by Napoleon in 1806. But, as Fr. Harrison writes,

"the Church of Jesus Christ did not feel constrained to accept the machinations of the Corsican revolutionary general as necessarily manifesting the definitive will of Heaven for the temporal order of Christendom. After all, [this was] the man who 'distinguished' himself by humiliating and dragging into captivity the Vicar of Christ . . . [So] the Church continued to recognize the Austrian Emperor as 'inheriting' the privileges of the Holy Roman Emperor . . . "

Indeed, so important was the role played by the Emperor in the politico-religious defense of the Church, that as late as 1903 he was allowed to veto a papal candidate. It's interesting that the veto exercised by Franz Joseph I that year allowed the election of the last Pope who has been elevated to the Sainthood, Pius X. [11]

So important was the position of the Emperor that he was prayed for in the Mass on appropriate occasions and in the great litany of intercessions on Good Friday. This was done right up until the 1950s, when, very unfortunately, Pius XII reformed the liturgy and dropped the prayers. [12]

The special Collect, Secret and Postcommunion prayers for the Emperor were as

The Collect:

"O God, protector of all kingdoms and especially of the Christian Empire, grant that Thy servant, our Emperor. N., may wisely foster the triumph of Thy, power, so that he whom Thou hast made Prince may always be mighty in Thy service."
The Secret, says Fr. Harrison, "reminds us of the Emperor's duty to guard the peace and liberty of Christendom as the powerful 'arm' of the Most High," as "to serve God in peace is the supreme freedom of man":

"Receive, Lord, the prayers and sacrifices of Thy Church for the well-being of Thy suppliant servant, and work [again] the ancient marvels of Thine arm in protecting the faithful nations; so that when the enemies of peace are defeated, Christian liberty may serve Thee in safety."

The Postcommunion prayer "ascribe[s] to the Roman Empire a special providential role in the preaching of the Gospel itself":

"O God, who prepared the Roman Empire for the preaching of the Gospel of the eternal King; extend to Thy servant N. our Emperor the armory of Heaven, so that the peace of the churches may remain undisturbed by the storms of war."

The intercession for the Emperor on Good Friday said:

"Let us pray for our most Christian Emperor N., that our Lord and God may bring all barbarous nations under his authority, for the sake of our perpetual peace. Omnipotent and eternal God, . . . look graciously upon the Roman Empire, so that those nations which trust in their ferocity may be restrained by the right arm of Thy power." [Emphasis added.]

Once the "secular right arm" of the Church disbanded, as Fr. Harrison notes, other "secular substitutes such as the League of Nations and the United Nations" were finally able "to persuade the papacy that they, and not the old Christian Commonwealth led by Rome, hold the key to world peace and unity." So let's return to the League of Nations and see what happened.

Enter the United Nations

The United States didn't enter the League, and so in 1921 the Council on Foreign Relations [CFR] was founded by the internationalist bankers associated with Rhodes and The Order of Skull and Bones to lobby for American participation. Illuminati agent House was a founding member of the CFR, whose original membership was full of Bolshevik supporters. The CFR persuaded both Britain and the U.S. to accept the Soviet regime. [13]

This union of financiers and Communists illustrates that Communism and capitalism are not sworn enemies. Left and Right mean nothing to Masons. Communism and Fascism are systems of total government power. Both are descended from the Mason Fichtes and his pupil Hegel. Both are monopolies. The international bankers tied to Masonry are also monopolists, who seek to eliminate competition. Hence, it is natural for the bankers to wish to control governments and society, and it is natural for them to embrace totalitarian regimes and make them work for their goal of world control. Marxism, capitalist monopolism and the CFR have the same final objective. [14]

The CFR finally got the U.S. to participate in world government through World War II. By that time the group had control of the State Department. Two weeks after Pearl Harbor, whose bombing led to American participation in the War, the Secretary of State recommended to President Roosevelt that a committee be formed, which became the planning commission of the UN. Of the fourteen committee members, ten were CFR members and the rest were under its control. It was thus the Communist-dominated, Masonic-influenced Council on Foreign Relations, whose origins lie with The Order, that founded the United Nations. [15] It was not founded as a result of the war, but the war was used as a front for its founding-----ostensibly to prevent further wars. In fact, the term "United Nations" was a CFR construction and used as early as 1942. [16] In 1945, the U.S. delegation at the inauguration of the UN contained forty-seven CFR members. With the Senate's ratification of the UN charter, the U.S. finally became part of world government. The CFR proceeded to promote the UN in a favorable light through education and the media, to start conditioning the public to accept global government. [17]

Note that Roosevelt was "a close associate of the CFR" and a 33rd Degree Mason who put the Masonic pyramid on the back of the one-dollar bill. [18] He wanted to bring the USA into the war on the side of Stalin as soon as possible, but Catholics strongly opposed such action and several American bishops spoke out against it. They knew that if the Allies won, it would strengthen Stalin and the expansion of Communism. They were obeying Pius XI, who said in Divini Redemptoris: "Communism is intrinsically perverse, and no one who would save Christian civilization and the social order may collaborate with it in any undertaking whatsoever." It made no sense to cooperate with the Church's implacable enemy in order to preserve Christian civilization.

Unfortunately, Cardinal Spellman and Roosevelt put great pressure on Pius XII to "authorize a wider interpretation of Divini Redemptoris." He was also falsely promised that the Holy See would be included in the negotiations for peace. Secretary of State Cardinal Maglione and the pro-Bolshevik undersecretary for ordinary affairs, Monsignor Montini [the future Paul VI], finally convinced the Pope to give in. On September 20, 1941, Cardinal Maglione issued an instruction "which lifted all objections . . . against American aid to Russia. Catholics could [now] support Roosevelt when he aided Stalin against Hitler." [19]

With that problem resolved, the only thing left was to have an excuse, as for World War I, for the U.S. to enter World War II. That excuse was the "surprise" bombing of Pearl Harbor 2 1/2 months later, on December 7. Three naval admirals and others have described how high government officials, including Churchill and FDR, provoked the attack, knew in advance when it was coming, and did nothing to prevent it. [20] Remember Pike's plan for deliberately fomenting world wars that would then lead to world government? The League of Nations after World War I did not succeed, but the time was ripe after World War II for a new league, viz., the United Nations. Like the Lusitania and Pearl Harbor attacks, the attacks of September 11 seem to have provided the U.S. with the excuse of entering what might turn out to be the final world war necessary for establishing world government.

Communism Replaces Colonialism

The success of the world government depends on the cooperation of the U.S. and the Catholic Church with Communism, and the UN has continually worked for that. In September 1942, Pius XII revealed, "At the request of President Roosevelt, the Vatican has refrained from all polemics against the Communist regime . . . May God grant that the free world may not have to regret my silence one day!" Later on, Pope Pius spoke out against Communism several times, but his earlier silence, and his permission to cooperate with Communists during the war, had opened the door to Communist penetration of the Church, either directly or through the UN. [21]

Tragically, he also committed the Church to support decolonization, not realizing he was helping Moscow's plans of worldwide expansion. [22] Since colonizing had been done mostly by Catholic countries, decolonization would have serious consequences for the eternal salvation of millions of souls who would now be subjected to Communism. As Frère Michel put it in the third volume of The Whole Truth About Fatima, the "lands of Christendom snatched with great struggling from Satan's empire barely a century ago by the blood of Martyrs and soldiers, by the sweat and tears of a phalanx of heroic missionaries," was "deliver[ed] over to the adversaries of Jesus Christ and His Church, to the enemies of the human race." [23]

Remember how the Good Friday prayers for the Holy Roman Emperor, which Pius XII removed, were actually prayers for the civilizing expansion of Christianity?-----which then became "excoriated" as "the alleged crime of 'colonialism'!" [24] G. Edward Griffin, in The Fearful Master, documents how the UN aided Russia in the bloody work of decolonization. Its so-called peace-keeping actions destroyed European colonies in Africa and turned the territories over to the Communists. "The UN opens the doors to Communism" was a comment "heard all over the Congo." [25] A Communist pamphlet titled The United Nations [printed in India] explained that "The UN will be an extremely helpful instrument in breaking up the colonial territories of
non-Communist countries" and "will eventually bring about the amalgamation of all nations into a single Soviet system." [26] But the 1962 Vatican-Moscow Agreement's policy of silence towards Communism ensured the continued forward movement of the satanic world government.

The UN has been "sold" to the world as a peace-keeping organization. However, a former member of the Communist Party has testified that its "Kremlin masterminds . . . never intended the UN as a peace-keeping organization." He said its internal setup has been Communist-designed "for sociological conquest;" it's a "Trojan horse" whose aim is "to serve the purpose of Communist penetration of the West." [27] In fact, the UN "blueprint" was drawn up by Lenin, expanded by Stalin and refined by Kruschev. [28]

Communists have openly declared that they see the UN "as one of the most important platforms for Soviet propaganda in the world" from which "they may preach to the populations of the entire world" "over the heads of their governments;" so gaining rapid working control of the UN became a priority for them right from the start. The past leader of the United States Communist Party, Earl Browder, wrote: "The American Communists worked . . . tirelessly to lay the foundations for the United Nations." In fact, key government figures in the U.S. State and Treasury departments, who were nearly all Communist agents, did have a major hand in the actual planning and creation of the UN. [29]

The chief traitor was Alger Hiss, a known Soviet spy who had "protection." He was also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He became an advisor to Roosevelt, was the Secretary-General of the founding UN conference at San Francisco, and helped write the UN Charter. [30] Another key agent was Harry Dexter White, assistant secretary of the Treasury Department, also a known spy who was "protected." With Mason Harry Truman's support, he helped to establish and run the United Nations International Monetary Fund. [31] The IMF is the "framework for a central [i.e., global] bank of issue" of a world currency, which will result in world government. Both it and its sister UN agency, the World Bank, are CFR, i.e., Illuminati, creations.
Under the guise of humanitarian aid, the World Bank loans mainly American tax dollars to spread socialism and Communism. [32]

Peace is War

It was the Soviets who insisted that the United Nations headquarters should be in the United States. This suited them because their spies, posing as delegates and staff, could use their diplomatic immunity to infiltrate American society, work with American Communists and "exert their maximum influence to channel the efforts of the United Nations toward Communist objectives." J. Edgar Hoover, former head of the FBI, "stated that Communist diplomats assigned to the UN 'represent the backbone of Russian intelligence operations in this country'." [33]

Besides staff from Communist nations, the original American staff for the UN consisted of a large number of former government bureaucrats who were actually Communists. The chairman of a Senate investigation committee stated: ". . . there is today in the UN among the American employees there, the greatest concentration of Communists that this Committee has ever encountered . . . These people occupy high positions . . . almost all . . . have . . . been employees in the U.S. government in high and sensitive positions." The committee believed the government knew they were Communists, and it deliberately transferred them to the UN. [34] The first members in any organization are the ones who get it operating according to the principles upon which it is being founded; [35] hence you see the exquisite planning that went into setting the United Nations firmly on the path of establishing the Masonic socialist empire once and for all.

All the UN secretary-generals, even though supposedly neutral, have been ideologically
anti-Christian and anti-West, and have openly promoted Communist causes. They are citizens of the world, who place loyalty to all nations above loyalty to one's own country. In 1952, U.S. News & World Report stated that ''as many as one-half of the administrative executives in the UN are either Communists or people who are willing to do what they want." In 1955, a former Communist who specialized in Communist political warfare in the U.S. publicly admitted, ". . .  there can be no doubt that Communists control the UN . . . and use it for all its worth; . . . most of the special agencies . . . are, in fact, operated by them." [36]

If this were the case in the fifties, what more today? It is the height of ignorance to say that Communism is dead. One has only to study the vast number of United Nations special agencies, like UNICEF, WHO, the World Court and UNESCO; the treaties they spawn; the conventions that give family-destroying rights to children and feminists; the specialized conferences; the United Religions Organization (URO); and the so-called peace-keeping actions, to see that all these entities are completely Communistic in their agenda, goals and methodology. They pass the "duck test," i.e., if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it's a duck!

Therefore, the UN could never succeed in establishing peace and justice when entrenched within it is the most ungodly, unjust, peace-destroying force the world has ever experienced.

Communism has "perpetrated more death and destruction than most of the wars of history combined." Its policies have broken millions of families and destroyed homes and countries, and it continues unchecked in its path of physical and spiritual carnage. [37] When it refers to peace, it means the Communist peace in which all opposition to it is eliminated. As George Orwell illustrated it brilliantly in his book 1984, we will all individually and collectively, one day love Big Brother if we wish to live in peace. Yet how come most people are convinced that the UN-----not true Christianity-----is the best hope for solving the problems of the world? It's because of its massive propaganda machine. It has controlled most organs of the media for about half a century, and it has many highly-respected apologists. Criticism rarely receives any press and critics are quickly squelched.

For instance, the lavish praise of Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson were widely reported, but not the criticisms of President Hoover or others like Senator Langer, who said, ". . . the adoption of the Charter . . . will mean perpetuating war." Also well known is CFR member [38] Adlai Stevenson's comment that the UN is the "moral conscience of the world," but not the statement of the former chief investigator for the House Committee on Un-American Activities. He said: "I challenge the illusion that the UN is an instrument of peace . . . It could not be less of a cruel hoax if it had been organized in Hell for the sole purpose of aiding and abetting the destruction of the United States."

In 1961, Adlai Stevenson, who was the American ambassador to the UN, reviewed the rules that the UN press corps had been following for twenty years. He instructed them to lie and paint a flattering picture of UN personnel: "Help us to create the sense of our overriding human concern. Interpret us . . . not as plotters or as war mongers-----but as puzzled, yet aspiring men and women struggling on the possible brink of Armageddon to achieve a common understanding and a common approach . . . The whole press corps working at the UN has a unique part to play in projecting this picture." [39]

Big Brother Loves Us

Running a close second to the god of peace is the god of human rights, and the demagogues use these gods to appeal to well-intentioned but ignorant worshipers. So we have the UN's Covenant on Human Rights accorded a higher status than the Ten Commandments. Interestingly, the Covenant [highly sought and promoted by the American Jewish Committee] closely parallels the Soviet Constitution, sometimes almost word for word, and this similarity can be found in the wording of several treaties and conventions. [40] The crucial point here is that even if the Soviet Union has truly collapsed, its ideology lives on in the Covenant of Human Rights and other UN documents. In other words, Communism is dead; long live Communism!

The basic Marxist plank found in the. Declaration of Human Rights and the Soviet Constitution is that man is "primarily an economic creature . . . his material well-being is all important; his privacy and freedom are strictly secondary considerations." And so the government must take "full responsibility for the welfare of the people" and "assume control of all their activities". [41] Now the trouble with rights conferred by a human government is that they can be taken away by government. A United Nations covenant is enforceable legislation once it is ratified, and UN covenants and treaties override a country's constitution or Bill of Rights. Further, nearly every high-sounding phrase in UN declarations or covenants, such, as rights outlined in the Covenant on Human Rights [e.g., the rights to freedom of expression or religion or assembly], can be legally denied by governments or the UN under the phrase that they can be restricted ''as provided by law," i.e., if politicians believe it is "necessary to protect national security, . .  .public safety, . . .  the rights . . . of others," etc. This same sleight-of-hand was employed by the Soviet Constitution, whilst other precedents are the Masonic French Revolution, perpetrated in the name of public safety, and Hitler's atrocities in the name of national security. As a comparison, the American Constitution says Congress shall pass no law abridging the right to free speech, religion, etc. [42]

Do you see how the Big Brother activities of the UN today are carried out to supposedly defend human rights-----even the "rights" of terrorists to break up a country? The rights of elected governments are ignored where revolution has been fomented and the government fights back. The UN interferes, claiming it is putting an end to aggression; conveniently, by its own definition, a United Nations military action is not aggression. [43] Hence the great hullabaloo made about putting armed interventions under the umbrella of the UN, whilst calling it "police action" instead of war, satisfies the masses that such action is justified even if their own governments have not okayed it.

The UN Charter authorizes heads of government to act unilaterally, so Truman used the phrase "police action" to issue a decree sending the U.S. to war in Korea. [44] And the Canadian military was en route to the 1991 Gulf War whilst our parliament was debating whether or not they should go. The pattern is being repeated as Canadian forces have already been assigned to the "war" in Afghanistan, but parliament is yet to debate the matter. These sham debates hide the fact that nations cannot declare war against other nations, as under the UN Charter such a declaration is illegal! So UN and NATO actions [given catchy "Operation" titles] against sovereign states that do not cooperate with the new world order are undertaken for "humanitarian" reasons after enough violent chaos has been fomented to hopefully justify genocidal international force, as in the Balkans. [45] Thanks to the United Nations Charter, countries are authorized to be full dictatorships and our leaders have been taking us bit by bit to that point. [46]

Not being accountable to anyone, the unelected UN can set its own rules-----and break them too. Its flagrant double standard in world conflicts casts into doubt the impartiality of its war crimes tribunals and World Court. Thousands of Communists and so-called ex-Communists are not prosecuted for the millions of people slaughtered by Communism, whereas every last suspected Nazi [or anti-Communist] is hunted down. Margaret Thatcher said that former Chilean leader General Augusto Pinochet's arrest in Britain on "trumped-up charges of human rights abuses" is a case of "attempted international lynching" of a man who saved Chile and South America from Communism. She warns of an "international lynch law which under the guise of human rights now threatens to subvert . . . the rights of sovereign nations." [47] Certainly Pinochet is being used "to set an important precedent in the evolution of international law" as this law, the UN Covenant Against Torture, overrules a signatory country's domestic laws, forcing it to take action against foreigners for crimes allegedly committed in another country.

A 1993 Belgian law has just successfully enabled an ordinary civilian jury to prosecute and convict people accused of committing war crimes in another country. This was done in keeping with the spirit of the Declaration of Human Rights that human rights supersede national sovereignty. In other words, Belgium set the precedent that an international court is not necessary to prosecute "crimes against humanity," so that nations now have universal jurisdiction and the right to supplant the legal system of other nations in such cases. Canada passed similar legislation in October 2000. [48]

NATO: Color it Red

Stalin saw the necessity of regional groups as an intermediate stage to world government. He reasoned that people would transfer national loyalties more easily to a regional group than
to a world authority. The regionals could later be combined into the world dictatorship. Well, NATO is one such regional group and a Communist ally, Cold War acting notwithstanding. The Organization of American States and its African equivalent are other regional groups. NATO was "sold" as an anti-Communist alliance, but the Council on Foreign Relations described it as a regional organization under the United Nations, meant to strengthen the UN and move us in the direction or One World. In 1963, Kennedy advocated global socialism and control through both the UN and NATO. [49]

As I explained in the Perestroika talk, Bosnia and Kosovo finally showed the true colors of NATO as an agent of Communist expansion, whilst also illustrating that the UN and NATO break their own rules when it's necessary to advance the Communist agenda another step.

The NATO bombing of Kosovo was launched without formal UN authorization. The excuse was the usual one of stopping human-rights abuses. Because China and Russia conveniently vetoed UN action, NATO, under the leadership of the Spanish Marxist Javier Solana, acted on its own after the public had been conditioned by the media. Canada's defense minister, Art Eggleton, stated that this set a precedent of going to war in defiance of the UN Charter [i.e., acting in spite of a veto], but following the principles of the Declaration of Human Rights [i.e., with the indirect sanction of the UN, "to avert humanitarian tragedies"]. The precedent, as Eggleton himself tells us, also means that NATO-----as an extension of the UN-----will now intervene anywhere in the world where it feels it can win; [50] so it's now considering going to war against a country outside Europe-----Afghanistan-----has has not attacked a NATO member. Obviously the crunch is on to rapidly consolidate the Communist global dictatorship and international warmongering has gone beyond needing official international permission.

The history of Javier Solana illustrates the treachery of NATO, which has supposedly been the primary bulwark against Communist aggression in Europe. Solana was one of the luminaries of the Marxist Spanish Socialist Workers' Party. Besides much anti-American activity, in 1983 Solana led the opposition to Spain's membership in NATO. Now, one of NATO's rules is that the citizens of nations which have declined to participate in its military alliance are not eligible for the post of Secretary General. So NATO broke its own rules in appointing Solana. Clinton and Secretary of State Warren Christopher said it was Solana's character that was the key in appointing him to head NATO and be in charge of the U.S. troops at its disposal. Of course! Obviously Solana had the right qualifications to set NATO firmly on its new path, which contradicts its mandate of being only a defensive alliance for its own members. Having done his job, Solana moved to the European Union as foreign and security policy chief, and is working to create a European military distinct from NATO. [51]

All United Nations specialized agencies are working to strengthen the UN, to spread its Marxist agenda into every sphere of life. People are won over by self-interest as the UN is painted as the big problem-solver and the guarantor of an earthly paradise, the New World Order. Let's look briefly at UNESCO [the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization], which
has been described as a "snake pit" by one American Congressman, "where Godless Communism is given a daily forum for . . . psychological warfare against freedom." [52]

UNESCO spreads the errors of Russia through education and culture. In the 19th Century, Masonry stated that education of children, "protected" against the "disturbing influences" of parents and the Church, is "indispensable" to the establishment of the universal social republic. [53] The leader of the American Communist Party declared in 1936, "Who wins the youth, wins the future of America." [54] We can apply that slogan to the world.

The End of Christian Culture?

Communists themselves have explained that UNESCO was designed to attain control of the educational system: "UNESCO corresponds to the agitation and propaganda department in the Communist party. This department handles . . . getting at the public mind, young and old." As G. Edward Griffin explains in  his expose of the UN, if the communists could "condition the minds of the youth for just one generation, that nation will be theirs within that generation." [55]

UNESCO has certainly done that with the generation of baby boomers, drug-tripping hippies and feminists, which is why the occult New Age or global curriculum of the UN reigns in nearly every school system today. These are the conditioned people now in charge. Note that Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White, along with Communists from other countries, were the architects of UNESCO, and until 1990 the Soviets were one of its largest financial contributors. [56] The former head of UNESCO, Federico Mayor, promotes the occult and was a co-chairman of Gorbachev's State of the World Forum. UNESCO is at the forefront of the environmental movement and, of course, is anti-life. [57]

Given its Communist nature, it is important to note that UNESCO has also been working for the Jewish agenda of changing Christianity through revising its teaching, "particularly the story of the Crucifixion," so as to "reduce the danger of implanting anti-Semitism in the minds of the young". The American Jewish Committee stated in the 1950s, "Of particular relevance to our work . .  .is the work of UNESCO, . . . which conducts on a world scale many of the educational activities to which AJC has devoted itself for many years." The AJC was particularly pleased that UNESCO "has revised textbooks originally prejudicial to one or another racial, religious, or ethnic group".

[58] Now, the permission given by Pius XII for Catholics to cooperate with Communism naturally has given them permission to work with the UN. This has led to a striking blow by UNESCO against the Church's control of her physical and cultural heritage-----her ancient churches, artwork and so on-----by means of UNESCO's World Heritage Convention. The Convention postulates that there are some natural and man-made sites which are not the national heritage of the country in which they are located, but of the world, because they have "universal value". World Heritage sites include natural wonders, man-made monuments, architectural wonders, sites of pagan religious rites, and ancient mosques, temples and Catholic churches like Chartres Cathedral. The common factor is that these sites further the New Age concept of "universal ideas" that unite people, either by exemplifying evolution or a past way of life of some culture, whether pagan or Christian. In other words, they help promote the pantheistic one-world culture. [59] The protection of these sites is deemed by the World Heritage Convention to be the responsibility of all mankind.

According to World Heritage literature, countries that ratify the convention "pledge to conserve" these sites "for future generations." In return, "the international community helps them to protect these marvels." This is like international "Mafia" protection. Signatories contribute an obligatory amount to the World Heritage Fund equal to one percent of their contribution to UNESCO. The Holy See signed on October 7, 1982, turning over the entire site of the Vatican to UNESCO control. That means that even if the Vatican wanted to destroy the pagan artifacts it has in its art collection, or re-cover the nudes painted by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel, it cannot, as these are now world properties, to be protected in perpetuity. The Council of Trent had ordered the covering-up of the nudity, and the restoration of the Chapel was obviously a World Heritage project, as evident from the speeches at the opening celebrations. The pagan artifacts being sold in the tourist shops ringing the Vatican also bear witness to the influence of the Convention. [60] The historic center of the city of Rome is also a Heritage site, as marked on a map of sites. Our Lady of La Salette prophesied that Rome would become the seat of the anti-Christ; turning over the physical site to the major anti-Christ force in the world is therefore a most ominous step in that direction.

Diabolical Disorientation

Now, the atheism of Communisrn is actually pantheism, as Father Clarence Kelly explains in his book, Conspiracy Against God and Man. "Pantheism is a favorite doctrine of collectivists, because . .  .it offers a concept of man which, on religious grounds, subordinates the individual to the collective. It also . . . [subverts] God-centered religion by making religion man-centered . . . " Pantheism "denies the existence of God . . . by identifying Him with the universe" so that the world becomes the only reality. Hence naturalism flows from pantheism, and both doctrines aid the spread of political collectivism, giving it "theological" justification. In pantheism and collectivism the individual and private property are absorbed in the collective, and "self-worship assumes the name of universal love, to which individuals are to be pitilessly sacrificed." Pantheism and collectivism are the two prongs of Illuminism and Communism. [61] Cardinal Newman warned of "the spread of pantheism . . . the great deceit which awaits the age to come," i.e., our times. [62] Sister Lucy also warned we are living in a time of diabolical disorientation -----literally, confusion coming from the devil-----and warned us not to let ourselves be deceived. [63]

The League of Nations was associated with occult Russian Theosophy, [64] a branch of Masonry whose pantheistic occultism is the foundation of the New Age one-world religion. The UN is uniting the world's religions into this one-world religion. For all its talk on religious freedom, the aim of the UN is to have everyone practice its occult spirituality, and they will be monitored for compliance. [65] The interfaith services held everywhere today [and proliferating, thanks to September 11] are the liturgical rites of the pantheistic one-world religion that is nothing else than the worship of Satan. The brainwashing of children is of paramount importance. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child makes it an offense for parents to teach their children reverence for their religion as this fosters "religious discrimination". [66] This explains the multi-cultural indoctrination of children in schools today, even Catholic schools. Yet parents can't object, as non-compliance could be interpreted as child abuse under the article on religious freedom for children.

Now, another error of Russia which has greatly harmed the world and the Church is the feminist movement. Almost from its inception, feminism was merged with Communism. Most of the tenets of feminism are derived from Communism and the Soviet State. No wonder the UN has long promoted women's rights, which its many conferences and declarations show are destructive of the family, the Faith and Christian morality. The UN intends to impose, by international law, population control by means of abortion, sterilization, contraception, sex education and homosexuality.

This talk has only touched the surface of how the United Nations is spreading all the errors of Russia. If the UN were to collapse tomorrow, so would international Communism and the planned New World Order. The UN has every nation and government and even the Catholic Church under its control to some degree. Once disarmament is complete and all militaries and weapons are under UN control, it will be a full dictatorship. President Kennedy said disarmament would create "a radically new international system; . . . [it] would encourage nations to give up much of their .  . . sovereignty." Their national security would depend "on an international peace force under an immensely . . . strengthened United Nations." [67]

By the way, be aware that the UN might be replaced by a group called the World Constitution and Parliament Association, which is waiting in the wings and working with it. This replacement might first require the Third World War, but it will only be a change of names, much like the switch-over from the League of Nations. [68] So don't be deceived if that day ever arrives-----and the UN is said to have "collapsed."

The propaganda that Communism is dead is the greatest deception ever foisted on the world. Only the Collegial Consecration of Russia, which would amount to an exorcism by the Magisterism, can kill this Satanic regime. Right now it is alive and well thanks to the United Nations. As Pope Pius XI stated, we cannot cooperate with it in any way if we are to save Christian civilization and the social order. Sixty years after his dictate was overturned by Pius XII, we live amongst the ruins of Christian civilization.

Now, on November 11, 1993, the 75th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice and the loss of the Church's right arm and temporal defender, the Holy Roman Empire, Pope John Paul fell and broke his shoulder. He lost the use of his right arm for some weeks after; and his accident took place as he was paying tribute to a delegation from a UN agency-----the UN being the unholy world " 'empire' based on the 'rights of man' instead of the sovereignty of Christ". Was this an accident? Or a sign to beware of the United Nations? Father Harrison says, "It may be that the Church was not so wrong in her traditional belief that the 'secular arm' was a part of God's plan, and in her long reluctance to eliminate the prayers corresponding to that belief from her liturgy." [69]

God can raise up a new Christendom, and He will do it through the Collegial Consecration, which will bring about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. As St. John Eudes taught, the Hearts of Jesus and Mary are so united that they can be considered as one heart. Hence, the triumph of the Immaculate Heart automatically means the restoration of the Kingship of Christ and of Christendom.

Jesus Himself said the Consecration would be done after Russia had spread her errors throughout the world, provoking wars and persecution of the Church, with the Holy Father having much to suffer. [70] His words are strangely comforting. We are obviously right now in the period He described, the period in which Russia has already spread her errors throughout the world. Therefore, the day cannot be far off when the Magisterium will do the Collegial Consecration. This doesn't mean that we won't first have to undergo a severe chastisement. Perhaps it will be the Third World War that has been planned for over a century and that now seems imminent. But our deliverance is around the corner. To expedite it, let us each individually work to earn the graces necessary for the Magisterium to act in accordance with the expressed will of God.
Sister Lucy warns us of these times of "diabolical disorientation" in which ". . . the supporters of the devil work for evil . . . They always go forward with intrepid audacity! And would we alone act with cowardice?! Is God less powerful than the devil? . . . go forward without fear . . . God is with us, and He will be victorious.

" . . . the devil has succeeded in infiltrating evil under cover of good [doesn't that describe the UN? CF], and the blind are beginning to guide others, . . . and souls are letting themselves be deceived.

" . . . We must defend souls against the errors which can make them stray from the good road . . . The Rosary is the most powerful weapon for defending ourselves on the field of battle."

Sister Lucy adds,
"Gladly I sacrifice myself and offer my life to God for peace in His Church, for priests and for all consecrated souls, especially for those who are so deceived and misled!" [71]

Can we do any less than this messenger chosen by Heaven?

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