The Power of the Hail Mary

Dr. Hugh Lammer was a staunch Protestant, with strong Protestant feelings and instincts. One day he found an explanation of the Hail Mary and read it. He was so charmed with it that he began to say it daily. Insensibly all his anti-Catholic beliefs began to disappear. He became a Holy Catholic Priest and and a professor of Catholic Theology in Breslau.

A Priest was called to the bedside of a wretched sinner, who was dying in black despair. He refused obstinately to go to confession. As a last recourse the priest asked him to say at least the Hail Mary after which the poor man made a sincere confession and died a holy death.

In England a Protestant Lady was gravely ill. She wished to become a Catholic because when a Child she had learned from a Catholic girl the Hail Mary, which she said every night . She was baptised and before dying she Converted her husband and Children.

ST. JEROME tells us that "the beauties contained in the Hail Mary are so sublime, so wonderful that no man or angel could fully understand them" .

Father SUAREZ, the holy and learned Jesuit, declared when dying that he would willingly give all the many learned books he wrote, all his life's labors for the merit of one Hail Mary.

The Hail Mary is like a mine of gold that we can always take from but never exhaust.