Miracles of the Holy Rosary

In 1917 Our Lady appeared at Fatima holding the Rosary and Scapular in Her hands. Sister Lucia, to whom OUr Blessed Mother appeared, Says that the Rosary and SCAPULAR, are INSEPARABLE, and that our Lady wants us to use these sacraments as devotions to her, and that our Lady wants us to use these sacramentals as devotions to Her, and if we heed her requests, She will save the World, Russia will Scatter her errors through the whole world, provoking wars and persecutions against the Church, the Good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer and several nations will be wiped out. Having told those present to say the Rosary, Our Lady disappeared only to come back, this time she was standing in the middle of the Sun which all the while had been whirling in the Sky ( Seen by over 70,000 People). As she faded from view, the sun loosed itself from the sky and began to hurtle towards the earth. That was the end of the 6 month span of apparitions. She had come to say that she would save the world. And we remember the Prophecy of St Dominic: "One day with the Rosary and the Scapular, She will save the world."

Alexandre, a girl of noble station who had been converted and enrolled by St. Dominic in the Confraternity of the Most Holy Rosary. After her death she appeared to him and said that she had been condemned to seven hundred years in purgatory because of her own sins and those she made others commit by worldly ways. So she implored him to ease her pains by his prayers and to ask the confraternity members to pray for the same end. St. Dominic did as she asked. Two weeks later she appeared to him, more radiant than the sun, having been quickly delivered from purgatory through the prayers that the Confraternity members had said for her. She also told him that the Holy souls in purgatory had given her a message to beg him to go on preaching the Holy Rosary and to beg their relatives to offer their rosaries for them, and that they would reward them abundantly when they came into their Glory.

One day in 1460 Blessed Alan de la Roche was saying Mass. Our Lord, who wished to spur him on to preach the Rosary, spoke to him from the Sacred Host " How can you crucify Me again so Soon?" Jesus said. What did you say, Lord? asked blessed Alan, horrified. " You crucified me once before by your sins" answered Jesus, "and I would willingly be Crucified again rather than have my Father offended by the sins you used to commit. You are Crucifying Me again now because you have all the learning and understanding that you need to preach My Mother's Rosary and you are not doing so. If you only did this you could teach many souls the right path and lead them away from sin - but you are not doing it and so you, yourself, are guilty of the sins that they commit."

In 1945 when the Atom Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, a small community of eight Jesuit Father, only eight blocks from the epicenter remained unharmed (the People and the building itself) while everyone else in a radius of 1.5 Km from the centre was Killed. Father Huber Schiffer (one of the eight priests) told the Eucharistic Congress of Philadelphia in 1976, when all eight members were alive and well, that 200 Scientists had carried out investigations for several years in Search of Scientific explanation. He told them that there was only one thing that made their house different to the others: THEY RECITED THE ROSARY TOGETHER EVERY DAY.

During his Pontificate (1566- 1572) Pope Puis V found Europe to be in a Devastating State as it had been Shaken by the Reformation, by Corruption, and by the Threat of Turkish Invasion. Seeing that things were only getting worse, he continued to Say daily his Rosary, . Finally at the Last minute Puis V was able to call the countries of Europe to unite and pray the Holy rosary and succeeded in organizing an army . He had a Rosary given to each and every soldier, thus on September the 30th 1571 against all odds, the much smaller European fleet (about 5000 Men) went into battle against the Might of the Turkish fleet (about 30,000 Men), and on the October 7th the battle of Lepanto, off Greece was Won, (by the Divine assistance of Our Lady).

The Above is only some of the Public and Well Know Miracles of the Rosary, However throughout the ages their have been so many that they are to numerous to count or even Mention.