by Fr. Ronald Brown




My main objective in this article is certainly not to cast doubt upon, nor vilify the persons involved with Ecclesia Dei or the Indult Masses. Neither do I doubt their sincerity, integrity or their true devotion to the Roman Catholic Church.
It is unfortunate however, that many of those involved with Ecclesia Dei or Indult Masses vilify and cast aspersion upon those who have decided against the route of compromise with modernism.
For the most part, I assume that those promoting the Indult Masses do so with the very best of intentions; they desire to see the traditional Rite of Mass made available to as many of the faithful as possible. They also wish it to be made available under what they consider to be legitimate auspices as in opposition to those whom they feel are illegitimate and illicit, that is, those who attend the traditional Mass in traditionalist Chapels. This would sum up rather correctly the position of Ecclesia Dei and the Indult people.
While at first glance, on the outside, it seems to be reasonable. Certainly, Catholics would wish to attend Mass and receive the Sacraments from those who are operating under certainly Catholic auspices. For Ecclesia Dei and the Indult promoters, the "legitimate" authority means to follow the local Diocese and hierarchy, which they claim is the only manner in which one can truly be "in union with Rome."
However, the issue is much more complex as we shall see, and despite the sincerity, the Ecclesia Dei position is clearly and sincerely wrong, and not founded in Catholic concepts.
My focus is rather upon the authority and hierarchy Ecclesia Dei and Indult supporters would have us be under, and in union with. For any authority within the Catholic Church to be accepted as such, we must be certain that such is truly a Catholic authority.
So the question is for us, and for Indult Mass supporters: Are these Indult Masses being offered under Catholic auspices? If they are not, then may a Roman Catholic feel free to attend such Indult Masses? These are the two questions that I shall deal with.

As we are all certainly aware, the "newest" mark given the Conciliar Church or Novus Ordo Church is that of plurality and liberality. The Novus Ordo Church would like to make room for everyone or "for all men." Thus in direct opposition to the Church Magesterium and Popes before Vatican II we see the so called ecumenical movement, long rejected by Rome, embraced so lovingly by the hierarchy today. We see religious indifference en masse -it matters little what one adheres to today, men may reject Our Lord and His Church freely, with no eternal punishment to be concerned about. The Roman Catholic Church is no longer seen as the One True Church, outside of which one cannot be certain of his eternal destiny. The Church today is promoted as, and is now seen as merely one of the many entrances to Heaven. The Protestants, Jews, Moslems and Pagans have little to worry about now, because they are all going to be saved "as is" --despite their rejection of Jesus Christ and His Church.


In contradiction to the Magesterium we have a modernist Magesterium in place, and in full control of the establishment. Judge for yourself. The modernist Church wishes to embrace "all men" and thus we see the reason for the great plurality, equality, liberty and freedom of conscience in the new Conciliar Church.
The intentions of the Modernists were simply to bring "stubborn Rome" into the light of a new age, or the modern world. The circle seems now to be complete. Catholics can now pick and choose: how often do we find laity who must travel great distances searching their Diocese for the most "conservative" Parish, in which they can find some semblance of a Catholic Mass and orthodox teaching? It seems the model is the Anglican/Episcopal Sect. If you are of the High Church frame-of-mind you will attend a High Anglican Church in which is offered all the outward appearance of a Catholic Mass, complete with Vestments, Incense, Bells and Chant. It has all the Catholic window dressing but is neither Catholic nor valid. You will even find in the High Church some very fine "conservatives" who accept many Catholic doctrinal teachings. The problem is, they are in a heretical Church and they follow heretical Bishops, or Bishops in name only, as the Anglican/Episcopal Church has no valid Clergy.
On the other hand, if you are of the Low Church mentality or leaning, you can attend the Bible/Communion Service of Protestants which is found in the low branch of the Episcopal Church. The Low Church does not believe in the Sacrifice of Calvary, and is more loyal to the Protestant leaning of her founders ... all who were formerly Catholics. However, both the High Church and Low Church are accepted within the Anglican/Episcopal Sect, despite their apparent contradictions in doctrine and worship choices. But because they accept the idea of liberalism and equality so well, they have no problem with each other. One of the reasons the Catholic Church always had a problem with them.
The point being made is this: Both the High and Low Church form a part of the Anglican/Episcopal Church. Recently they accepted the ordination of women ... but no problem you see ... those "conservative" Parishes who (rightly so) abhor the idea of women Priests do not have to have them!
Unfortunately this is the mentality of Ecclesia Dei and the Indult Mass. Now Catholics will have the options also. If you are of a "High Church" mind in the Novus Ordo Church, you can attend Indult Masses ... while those of a more "Low Church" mentality will feel comfortable (as always) in their Parish Church. If you want Altar Girls and Communion in the hand, just attend your Parish as always. If you want a Catholic looking Mass, you can find your nearest Indult. However, the Indult Mass supporters are getting ripped off, as will be shown.



    While some might feel an exaggeration in a comparison with the Episcopal Church with the Ecclesia Dei/Indult Mass mentality, in all honesty it is a most fair one. For example, I would fail to see the difference between the Indult Masses and the Charismatic Mass centers, or even with the special children's Masses most Parishes offer now. The Charismatics love a good "spirit filled" Liturgy complete with dancing, speaking in tongues, clapping, as well as any number of odd liturgical antics. Certainly if the hierarchy can accept and promote the Charismatics so well and openly, it would only make sense that they would now promote the Latin Mass. Chaplains are assigned to service the Charismatic groups, most Diocese around the world have special Charismatic Renewal Offices. Some prefer the Children's Masses, and certain Priests have this as a special Apostolate, because they really relate with the kids. I recently saw a "Missal" with over 100 different Eucharistic Prayers (Canons) for these Masses. Most Parishes have one (1) such Liturgy each week. The Homosexual groups very often have their own Church, where they have a "special" Liturgy each week ... and they don't even need an Indult for it!
    It would only seem fair that the hierarchy of modernism extend a hand and an Indult towards the Latin lovers, and offer them their piece of the modernist pie. Again, the circle would not have been complete without it. For many years the traditional Roman Catholics found the hierarchy had "no room in the Inn" for them. After the revised version of the Mass, or the Novus Ordo of Pope Paul VI was put in place of the traditional Mass of Pope St. Pius V and Quo Primum, many of the faithful began to be aware of the resultant chaos around them -destruction of Churches- -loss of sacredness and respect- -loss of vocations- -liturgical and doctrinal abuse- When those with a Catholic sense began to further question the modernism and liberalism of the hierarchy, they soon found that they were treated as though they were in fact disobedient rebels or could not adhere to the directives of the Church that supposedly required all the changes instituted. Soon after the New Mass, many found others of a like mind, these in turn banded together and found Priests faithful to the Mass and Sacraments of tradition. This began the movement to retain the Catholic Faith, to retain that which rightly belongs to Catholics, and in fact was a birthright stolen from them. Often Catholics met in homes and rented centers, or purchased Chapels where the True Holy Mass could be offered, the certainly valid Sacraments administered.
    Some among the hierarchy spoke out against the false renewal. Archbishop Dyer of Portland, Bishop Fulton Sheen, Bishop Adrian of Nashville, just to name a few in America. On the international scale, some of the more notable who did more than just talk were Bishop Kurz of China, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and Bishop Castro de Mayer. Under the capable leadership of these truly Catholic members of the hierarchy were formed various associations of Priests and Laity who were united in Catholic action. These Societies were formed for the preservation of the Traditional Latin Mass, the traditional Sacraments as well as the teaching and doctrine of the Church. Seminaries were begun, Religious communities formed. Under the capable leadership of Catholic Bishops, the Church would continue for the salvation of souls into the future.



Before one considers attending, or offering their support towards the work of Ecclesia Dei or the Indult Mass, I would hope they might also consider the following.
Since Vatican II Council and the New Mass, coupled with the introduction of modernist theology, we have seen the Faith slowly diminish.
Is it not true that in most of the Diocesan jurisdictions where the Indult Mass is offered, with the blessing of the modernists of course, that the same freedom and latitude given these "privileged" groups and diabolic enterprises, very often in the same Church of the Indult Masses.
Under the Diocesan jurisdictions we still continue to find:
  1. Intercommunion Services with non-Catholics. (Communicatio in sacris)
  2. Joint heretical Ecumenical Services.
  3. Various joint interfaith services which cause scandal, and for all purposes, deny the true Faith.
  4. Homosexual groups are often given a welcome and special Liturgies are held for them with Chaplains et all. One such group is called DIGNITY.
  5. The Divorced and remarried are often encouraged to form "self help" groups in Parishes and they are invited to special Liturgies and celebrations, as well as to Holy Communion.
  6. The so-called CHARISMATIC MOVEMENT, very large in numbers and followers now, have their own special Masses, meetings and liturgical practices, as well as Chaplains assigned to minister to their particular (peculiar) needs.
  7. Children's Masses and their particular style of worship, catered towards their worship needs.
The above is only a sample, not to mention the various invalid Masses, taking place on the average daily basis in each and every Parish: Women Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers (why do the "conservatives" avoid the lay-ministers ... it is allowed is it not? Communion in the hand, sign of peace, drinking from the Chalice etc. Various groups can now find their little corner within the establishment, and the ones out of place and causing the disruption are those who fight from within this non-Catholic structure.
How could I have forgotten the Altar Girls? Found in many Churches ... despite the fact that even modern Rome said NO. You see, the Bishops are preparing the minds of the laity for the eventual ordination of women. It was a very neat trick of psychology: Have the girls serve at the Altar, distribute the Eucharist, dress them up in liturgical clothing ... and the minds are now prepared for the day when they will stand before you pretending to celebrate Mass dressed in Priestly vesture.
Now, on equal status we have a new group added:
8. The INDULT MASS and Latin lovers.




Even if grateful for the restoration (in part) of the Traditional Latin Mass, and the right to worship God in the most pleasing manner to Him, the Mass is but only a part, when we consider what is not offered and where you are required to find it.
For the most part, the certainly valid Sacraments are not offered at all:
If you have a desire for the Sacraments, Catechetical training, or if you are sick and need a Priest, or preparing for marriage, you will be required to attend your own Parishes for these essentials of Catholicism, and thus, you are back to the very place you tried to escape from. We are aware that some Indult Masses, the Priests who offer them may be orthodox, and often will "give in" to the request of the laity for traditional Sacraments, but this is not permitted them under the guidelines of Ecclesia Dei. What happened to their obedience to the hierarchy in these matters?




Often and rather unfortunately the members of Ecclesia Dei and the various Indult Mass groups will advise that you do not attend an "illicit" Mass which is offered by a traditional Priest who is not under the jurisdiction of the modernist hierarchy. The implication is that to follow a traditional Priest, or to attend his valid Mass, or receive his Sacraments is somehow wrong and disobedient to the Church hierarchy. Can you imagine that? If you follow those who have tried to show a positive and Catholic way out of the crisis, you may be guilty of schism! In many instances, Bishops and Priests who have led the battle for truth since early on, those completely loyal to the teachings of the Church on Faith and Morals ... these might lead you astray. However, and rest assured, if you follow Ecclesia Dei and the Indult Masses, in "full union" with the modernist hierarchy (that even Ecclesia Dei often opposes) you will be in complete accord with the Church. This is so ridiculous and not worthy of continued argument.
The question most important and central is this: To whom shall we turn, and who is in fact preserving the complete Catholic Faith? Who has a "new" Faith and a "new" Liturgy? Have the traditional Roman Catholics merely kept the Faith or have they changed the Faith? Have the traditional Priests and Parishes adopted a different Faith? The answer is obvious, the traditional Chapels, as well as the Priests and Laity who follow the traditional Magesterium and traditional Mass have preserved the entirety of the Catholic Faith while the Indult Mass only offers a small part, and this under compromise with a modernist hierarchy.
The new Conciliar Church has adopted a nw Liturgy and Sacraments, fully approved by the Hierarchy. They have changed, we have not. Traditional minded Roman Catholics desire the approval of a truly Catholic hierarchy, to whom they gladly would submit their works and Apostolates. On the other hand, it would be a deadly spiritual mistake to submit to a pseudo-Catholic hierarchy imbued with modernism. If you walk in the rain, you must expect to get wet. Further, we must remember the old adage: Nemo dat quod non habet, that is to say, you cannot give what you do not have. The modernish hierarchy has more or less placed themselves outside of the Church, outside of the right to demand obedience from the faithful. We cannot take the chance of placing ourselves under an authority that is certainly suspect.
We need no new-fangled Indult, as we have a perpetual Indult from His Holiness Pope St. Pius V in his Quo Primum of 1570. What more do we need?
Because the Hierarchy has not remained faithful to their Pastoral Mandate, to protect and guide the flock, defend the Faith, and by their very words, actions and deeds allowed modernism to be promoted by those under their jurisdiction, the traditional faithful can not possibly look to them for their approval or their Indults.
Because most of the laity do not have the theological knowledge so as to discern the situation clearly -to see past the confusion- I would only offer a few suggestions or guidelines.
Despite the problems that may exist in some traditional Chapels (often due to zealots, politics, fanaticism) on the whole, you are safer attending the Mass and receiving the Sacraments in a traditional Chapel than attending a modernist Parish or an Indult Mass. Let us consider why:
  1. The Priest offers a certainly valid Mass.
  2. He adheres completely to traditional Faith & Morals.
  3. The traditional Catechism is used for instruction of the young.
  4. The certainly valid Rites for the administration of the other Sacraments are maintained.
  5. The complete traditional life of the Church is offered to you, without compromise with modernism.
If you have additional questions about a particular Priest or Chapel, you might wish to inquire into the following:
  1. Is the Priest validly ordained ... and by whom?
  2. Does he offer exclusively the Traditional Mass?
  3. Does he administer the Traditional Sacraments?
  4. Does he preach the orthodox Faith?
  5. With what groups is he associated?
The Bishops have led the flock astray -if the blind continue to follow the blind will they not both fall into the pit?-
Because of even the suspicion of heresy on the part of the hierarchy, as well as the followers of said hierarchy, besides the many documented cases of actual (formal) heresy, the continued flirtations with heretical liturgical experiments, the promotion of many of the idea of women in the Priesthood etc., we can safely assume that the hierarchy is in formal heresy and in schism with the Church of Christ. For that reason alone, we should not endorse nor support in any manner those Priests who are in communion or subjection to heretical Bishops of the hierarchy. We cannot attend the Masses (of the New Rote or Old Rite) in Parishes that are under the jurisdiction of modernist Bishops. We must remain Roman Catholics, and not part of a "high Church" mentality now being offered in the form of an Indult.
If the above Canons do not prove the point, that is, the loss of authority on the part of the modernist Bishops, we must close the subject with these words.
Modernism is the condemned doctrine that truth is constantly in a state of evolution. It teaches that doctrine is only symbolic and changes according to modern needs and interpretations. For Modernists the Sacraments are merely symbols or signs. The authenticity of Holy Scripture is held up to question, teachings on Morals are debated, because, so they think, the norms adopted by modern society change, and moral law must be updated to suit current standards. Thus, birth control is now permitted, Homosexuality is seen in a different light, as well as pre-marital relations. Church teaching is "interpreted"-authority can be freely questioned and then interpreted according to current needs., Christ, for the modernist, did not found a particular Church and He is further reduced to a mere man. Thus the resurrection is often held out as being a mere myth. As can be seen, this is the language of modernism, which is now clearly entrenched in every Diocese.
The heresy of Modernism was given the death-blow by the holy Pope St. Pius X, in his Encyclical Pascendi of Sept. 7th, 1907. It has also been condemned by subsequent Popes. The fact remains: one cannot be a Catholic who is a modernist, and that being the case, a modernist cannot be a member of the Roman Catholic hierarchy, since he ceases to be a Catholic.
In the Code of Canon Law (Canon 188) we find the following: There are certain causes which effect the tacit resignation of an office, which resignation is accepted in advance by operation of law, and hence is effective without any declaration. These causes are: (4) if he has publicly fallen away from the Catholic Faith.
Those who have adopted a heresy such as modernism have "publicly fallen away from the Faith" and thus, they continue to hold ecclesiastical Office in a material sense at best, or more likely at least illicitly.




The Code of Canon Law contains the rules laws and decrees, definitions, which concern the Christian faith and life. The Canon Law guides the visible structure of the Church -contains the rules and regulations under which the Clergy functions. In short, the Canon Law is that which governs the Catholic Church. Those who would claim to be Catholic are subject to the Code of Canon Law.
In reading the Canon Law we see that it states that all apostates, heretics and schismatics are ipso facto excommunicated from the Church. Simply put, it means that any who are heretical or schismatic, cease, "by the fact" to be a part of the Church. Thus it is with Abortion: those who procure an Abortion, or those who aid in it, are "by the fact" (ipso facto) excommunicated and separated from the Church. Excommunication admits of various degrees of excommunication, some more serious than others. Suffice it to say, excommunication means you are outside the Church, the censure leveled because a particular action was committed that warranted the penalty. Some excommunications are made official (by name) and formal, others are "ipso facto" and automatic, simply because of a crime that was committed.
Please keep in mind that the Church teaches us that apostates, heretics and schismatics receive an automatic excommunication with no further pronouncement needed from higher ecclesiastical authority.
How can one be considered as "suspect" of heresy? We only need to look at their actions, words and deeds. If an individual is suspect of heresy, after a period of time lapses, they also are considered to be heretical, and subject to the penalties of Canon 2315. Those who either promote or in any manner assist in the promotion of heresy are also suspect according to the Code in Canon 2316.
Now is the difficult part for some, and does require that we make a few distinctions. Heresy is a very "heavy" word to toss around and calling a person heretical should be done with some hesitation: we should not be too quick to judge.
We would not be so bold to say that the entire hierarchy is in heresy. But then we must admit that the vast majority of the hierarchy is in formal heresy in one form or another. Formal heresy is that which is deliberate denial of Catholic teaching. Material heresy is that which is the outcome or result of ignorance; Protestants are material heretics, because they are ignorant of the truth. Once exposed to the truth, and rejecting it with obstinacy, the heresy would become formal.
Catholic Bishops have received a pastoral mandate to tend to the flock of Our Lord, that is, to teach, govern and sanctify. Are the modernist Bishops doing this? Or do they, in actions, words and deeds promote various heretical teachings? Can we not say that they are guilty of formal heresy, and that to them can be attributed the law in this regard?
To simply prove this, read your local Diocesan "Catholic" Press. Very often they contain and approve the works of various pseudo-Catholic authors, as well as numerous "advice" and question and answer sections where blatant examples of heresy and denial of fundamental teachings on faith and morals are tolerated, or perverted in meaning to the point of not being in line with the Magesterium of the Church. Very often the Diocesan Press is the very font of heresy. We must keep in mind that the local Bishop is in each Diocese the editor of his Press organs. The blame for heresy falls directly at his door. From there, one only needs look at the local Parish scene: Priests publicly deny the Faith on various levels from the pulpit, often they instruct young couples that "Birth Control" is permitted, so long as they "follow their conscience." Remarried & Divorced are often encouraged to receive the Sacraments and, in effect, the Priests recognize civil divorce and civil marriage -unless the couple has gotten a "Catholic divorce" under the guise of "annulment." Or you may perhaps attend one of the many "discussion groups" offered in your Parish, often headed by some "weird" lay person or Nun. In these Parish discussion groups the Faith is often mocked and questioned: Papal Infallibility, the Eucharist, Hell and Purgatory are the certain topics for denial by the modernists, all quietly explained away to the gullible, often with Parish Priest in view. Forget "Birth control" -as most "Catholics" in this Country take it for granted that it is one of those items shelved as antiquated by the enlightened Church of Vatican II.
And if that was not enough, attend a "Catechism" session in your Parish ... the books stink with heresy and if that was not enough, they simply do not teach Catholicism and fundamentals important to the proper spiritual direction of the young. If you want your child's faith destroyed completely, continue to send them to a modernist school -and on top of this- they will even teach non-Catholic "sex education" -all that and much more.
Honestly, we are all aware of the horror stories, including those who are now attending the Indult Masses. The heresy and denial of the Faith is so obvious to the eye and soul of a Catholic, that we fail to see it need be proven further. The fact is the Bishops willingly allowed or promoted all of the above under their very capable pastoral care and guidance -the vast majority of Priests and Religious simply implement on the lower level what had come down to them from on high. It is as simple and as clear as that. We must also add here the guilt of the conservative Bishops and Priests who simply say they can do nothing, when they certainly could have -in fact- they had a duty and an obligation to do something ... one can be conservatively heretical. The Conservative Clergy are guilty of malicious silence and have remained part and parcel of the crowd, thus sharing the guilt themselves.
Of interest, you will find many of the Ecclesia Dei and Indult Mass supporters who would agree with these statements. In fact, if the above were not as equally true for them as it is for us, they would not be working toward the restoration of the Latin Mass, nor would they drive the long distance to attend a Catholic looking liturgy. If their Parishes were thoroughly Catholic, they would have no reason to attend an Indult Mass at all.
Where one will find the "parting of the way" is on how to confront the issues that face the Church today. Often the advice given by Indult Mass promoters is for the members of traditional Chapels to leave their Chapel and find some "conservative" Parish in which they can attend Mass, and simply overlook the abuses and profanations taking place around them. So what if the Mass in the New Rite is doubtful, or that sacrilege takes place ... did not Our Lord suffer they will say? The Indult Mass and Ecclesia Dei supporters can be likened to those who would shout fire -and then forbid anyone to put the fire out, or save themselves from being burned.




Those who support the INDULT MASSES often point to the Newly-founded Fraternity of St. Peter as their proof positive of the good-will of the modernist hierarchy.
Most traditional Catholics are not aware that, before the changes in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (the traditional Mas was changed by a gradual process) were those changes in the Rite of Priestly Ordinations and Episcopal Consecration in 1968. While it is not my intention to prove the invalidity of the new Rites, suffice it to say, they are doubtful at best, and in accord with the sound theology of the Church, we cannot proceed on a doubt. Seeing that the new Rites are dubious as to validity (due to lack of form and intention) one cannot be positively certain of any valid ordinations of either Priests or Bishops since 1968.
So you have it, a "conservative" Priest ordained by a "Bishop" of the new Rite of Consecration may not be a Priest at all, simply because the Bishop was not a true/valid Bishop! The implications of this are frightening to say the least.
Many of the newly ordained Priests of the Fraternity of St. Peter were ordained in the traditional Rite. However, they were ordained by Cardinal Ratzinger and Meyer, who themselves were consecrated according to the New Rite. So now we have a situation of a "traditional" Fraternity with "traditional" Priests(?) who in fact may not be validly ordained at all.
The Fraternity was founded merely to win the followers of Archbishop Lefebvre back into the fold. It will not have a major impact, and certainly has not received encouragement on a large scale.
In regard to Diocesan Priests requesting INDULTS for the Latin Mass, an interesting article appeared in a recent edition of the Latin Mass Magazine, which is a pro-Indult/Ecclesia Dei publication., It seems a number of Diocesan Priests in England formed a Latin Mas Association, and requested Indults so as to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass. These requests were denied. Why? These were Diocesan Clergy, and not traditional Priests. It would seem that someone in Rome does not wish the Indult to have any far-reaching effect or application, but simply in particular areas of large traditional Catholic populations. Certainly the Indult was not meant for the "average" Catholic, nor is it encouraged for them, as cases prove this time after time.


Many would proclaim John Paul II as a conservative Pope. Perhaps during the first few years of his pontificate we had good reason to think this, or at least hope that it might be so. In reviewing his pontificate, we mkust conclude that John Paul II is very liberal, and certainly more so than those who came before him. In fact, his ecumenical activity has caused great scandal to the faithful, such as his giving praise to Martin Luther, or his receiving the "sign of Testa of the Tilak" during his 1986 visit to India, from a Hindu Priestess, or his participating in the animist Rites in Togo in 1985 with pagan Priests, or his meeting with world Religions ink Assisi in 1986, where he allowed the Buddha to be enthroned above a tabernacle containing the Blessed Sacrament. When we see such activities as this, the Catholic must certainly have a broken heart. It must be mentioned that, during his Cardinalate in Poland, John Paul II allowed Billy Graham to preach in his Cathedral, as well as being the one who invited the Charismatic movement into once Catholic Poland. I would hope the laity would take the time to read his writings, before they make a judgment in this regard.
According to the February 1992 issue of the conservative Catholic World Report, in an article by a Robert Moynihan, it states that "The Pope privately acknowledged his perplexity at the passionate attachment of the traditionalist to the traditionalist Mass...He personally does not understand this."
We would wonder why a Pope thought to be a conservative, and favoring the old Latin Mass, upset over the doctrinal and liturgical abuses (we were told) would not "understand" and or be "perplexed" as to why some would be so attached to the traditional Rites of the Church. Perhaps this explains why John Paul II has never publicly offered the traditional Latin Mass?
On the other hand we must avoid the various extremes that some well-meaning Clergy have fallen into this regard, that is, the Papacy. We must avoid the extreme that over-extends the infallibility of the Pope, as well as that which would advocate a type of Donatism. Donatism was the heresy into which poor Savonarola fell. Savonarola said Pope Alexander was such a bad Pope that "he is not a Pope; the Pope could not possibly be such a sinner and still be Pope." This was Donatism at best. It advocated that because someone sins, he could not be a member of the Church. Carried to an extreme, the Church would be empty!
We can only pray and have hope that son we shall have Popes who will have courage to proclaim sound doctrine and denounce heresy. When sound doctrine is once more proclaimed from the Holy See, how soon the rest will be returned to us. However, to accept a Latin Mass without doctrine is not a Catholic answer, but will only continue to confuse the issue.

We do not wish to create our own jury and judge John Paul II, or propose that we or anyone else are capable enough in matters of theology or Canon Law to declare anyone deposed. We can look to the future when the hierarchy is reconstituted, and these matters can be judged by those certainly competent to do so. However, facts are facts, and it would be seriously wrong to pretend under the guise of obedience or ignorance that these problems do not exist, or that questions around these issues should not be raised. But we must keep charity in all this, and respect private (non-dogmatic) opinions, and not let these separate ourselves from cooperation and unity. Let us simply agree that doubt exists, and it is safer to avoid communication with those in the hierarchy who are of doubtful Catholicity.
We have St. Thomas Aquinas as our guide, in that he reminds us "not in all things are prelates to be followed, but only in those things which accord with the rules which Christ has laid down" or that "it sometimes happens that the commands issued by Prelates are against God. Therefore not in all things are prelates to be obeyed." (Summa/II-II Quest. 104 art. 5)




In closing, after all these years of the "self destruction of the Church" as Paul VI called it, and seeing the dedication of faithful Roman Catholic laity, those who have fought the good fight and kept the Faith, those who have valiantly preserved the holy Catholic Apostolic Faith -Mass and Sacraments of tradition - for themselves and future generations...why would they possibly desire or wish to deflect to those who have carried out the destructive campaign of modernism? Why do some wish to turn to those who have worked to destroy the Mass and Catholic Faith?
The question needs to be asked, before anyone can consider attending an Indult Mass sponsored by the modernist Hierarchy: Have they converted? Has the Hierarchy of Modernism and liberalism come home to the Catholic Faith? Have they denounced the rampant Heresy around them, often fostered and even encouraged by them over the years? Is the Hierarchy no longer encouraging false Ecumenism condemned by the Popes? Has the Hierarchy rejected the false Catechisms...replaced them with sound Catecheticals? Have they denounced the new perverted Moral theology (immoral theology)? Has the Hierarchy called for an end to the profanation of the end to the sundry liturgical abuses (Communion in the hand, Altar girls etc.)...And the most serious of all liturgical abuses, the Novus Ordo Mass, has it been replaced by the certainly valid traditional Mass?
The answer to the above is certainly readily available: one only needs to look no further then their Parish Church and read the Diocesan Press, get a copy of the local Catechisms is a resounding NO. We will not even touch the issue of Seminary reform or that of the religious life, nor will we mention all of the "Nuns" now (quietly preparing) for their future "ordinations" to the Priesthood. In light of this, we wonder why the sudden change of heart on the part of the Bishops around the Country?

The truth of the matter is that the modernists are merely being true to the liberalism they have long espoused: they wish to be generous with all, they desire to find room for everyone in their New Order Church. If a few Latin Masses will bring us back, you can bet they will find room in their big liberal hearts for you and your wallet.
If the modernist Hierarchy has learned anything over the years, they have learned that threats of excommunication and expulsion have meant little to the Faithful. Simply, the threats have not worked in closing traditional Chapels, Schools, Seminaries or Religious Houses -if anything- these often are the catalyst behind the tremendous growth of traditional Catholic centers. The Priests and Laity will not be frightened from their truly Catholic resolve, nor will they be fooled into accepting modernism, even if in a mild form, under the quise of a few Latin Masses here or there.
What was the hoped for outcome of the Indult Mass? In light of the above evidence, the only possible answer is as follows: Should the Indult Masses succeed, the outcome desired by the Hierarchy would be the following: the closing of traditional Chapels, traditional Schools, truly Catholic centers of learning, the traditional Religious Orders and Seminaries. Why? Because, with Indult Masses, the faithful would no longer have a reason to attend those Chapels, support the faithful Priests and Religious. Vocations to the traditional Seminaries and Religious Communities would then also cease. The Modernist Hierarchy would have succeeded in destroying the last vestige of Catholic resistance, by a cleverly crafted and implemented Indult.
I would sincerely hope that the poor war tired laity will not let their guard down at this point, when so much has been accomplished, and perhaps victory for the true Faith is only around the corner. At any rate, we do not need any new-fangled Indult, when we have the certainly valid and perpetual Indult from Pope St. Pius V. Why do we need more asurance than that?

We continue to remain faithful, knowing that Our Lord Jesus Christ has promised that the gates of Hell shall not prevail against His Church. Let us now continue to place our hope and trust in Our Lord and the Blessed Mother, knowing that they shall not abandon us, solong as we remain true Sons and Daughters of the Church. Continue to attend the true holy Sacrifice of the Mass, in the traditional Latin Rite, participate fully in the Sacramental life of the Church, know and study your precious Faith by reading only those materials and Catechisms which support the traditional teaching magesterium of the Church. Make your home a good and holy home -a Catholic home- and keep the model of the Holy Family as your own -set a god example for your children.
Only by following truly Catholic leaders, and by discontinuing any support for those who have compromised the Faith, perverted the Mass and Sacraments to the point of being doubtful, and on the whole are responsible for the world-wide apostasy we now see so evident in all corners, perhaps the good Lord will have mercy on us and restore to us in His good timing a truly Catholic Hierarchy. However, this will not come about if we go backwards and not forward in the truth. Traditional Catholics must not turn to those who can no longer represent Christ, simply because they have separated themselves from the truth. The modernist Hierarchy and Clergy have compromised the Faith so as to "make a deal" with the enemies St. Paul warns us of, that is, the World, the Flesh, and the Devil. Ask yourself honestly, outside of the granting of a few Latin Masses, have the Bishops returned to the integral Catholic Faith...these same Bishops continue to promote heresy and schism, sacrilege and abuse. They have not changed dear brethren, but merely changed their strategy.

Let us continue to pray for John Paul II and the Hierarchy under him. Rather than heap condemnations upon them, let us pray for a return to truth. Let us also hope that those who support the Indult Masses, Ecclesia Dei, and the newly formed Fraternity of St. Peter, will soon realize that they are simply being used as pawns in the modernist game of chess. To the Indult Masses we must firmly say: "Thanks -but no thanks."